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Visual merchandising – pop-up shop design
Deborah Flowerday, Professional Visual Merchandiser and Professor

Pop-up shops are becoming more popular! Learn some Visual Merchandising tricks to help create the perfect Pop-up shop window and interior.

Professor of the Pop-up Shop Design Open Program

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Culture meets Fashion: An introduction to Fashion PR Event Production
Jessica Leyton, Events Director at IPR London
Learn the best tips to organize a fashion event and gain an exclusive insight on the professional life of a successful organizer.

Guest Speaker in Event Production short course

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The Power of the Fashion Image
John William, Online Editor at Beauty Papers.
Discover the power of your image, and how it can change the way you view yourself, view others, and how the external world perceives you!

Professor in Image Consultant and Personal Shopper, Visual Merchandising and Fashion Stylist, and Marketing and Communications for Fashion and Luxury Brands.

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Sue Seel

Building Creative Communities; the future of brand lifestyle alignment with culture and creative led content
Sue Seel, Brand Architect
Learn how successful brands cam intentionally align with new digital communities, and evolve from them.

Professor in Marketing and Communications for Fashion and Luxury Brands

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Social Behaviour & Its Impact on Building A Brand
Pooja Nerukar, Launching and Brand Communication
Want to know how to get your brand to attract the most attention? Do you know all the steps for successfully building one?

Professor in How to Create a Brand

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Mourad Bahrouch

Mourad Bahrouch, Mountain Collective CEO

Shares his evolution from traditional designer to successful entrepreneur in virtual fashion

Professor of the Disruption in Fashion – 3D Collection: Design, Develop and Present Open Program

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Humanizing Brands – The Psychology of Brands and Consumer Behavior
Kate Nightingale, Founder at Style Psychology LTD
Learn the tips and tricks of fashion consumer behavior directly from a specialized expert.

Professor in Marketing and Communications for Fashion and Luxury Brands, and Retail Management and Digital Customer Experience

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The Impact of Innovation and Technology on Sustainability
The focus of the third module of live discussion panels in the Sustainability Seminar is the impact of innovation and technology on sustainability. The discussion is centered around the frameworks to drive innovation within firms. The Speakers analyze the success of existing companies in achieving processes that lead to innovation, and dissect how businesses develop when they put innovation at the core of their strategies and their business.

Participants: Andras Forgacs, Co-Founder and Director at Modern Meadow; Miguel Sanchez, Director at Transformers Foundation and Technology Leader at Kingpin; Marina Mattos, Principal – Supply Chain Systems & Engineering at Nordstrom, Neda Eneva, Global Marketing Director at Arch & Hook.

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Culture and Leadership towards Sustainability
Kerry Bannigan, Founder, Conscious Fashion Campaign
Shereen Daniels, Vice Chair, Black Business Association, London Chamber of Commerce & Industry | Managing Director, HR rewired Steve Kenzie, Executive Director, United Nations Global Compact Network UK Patrick McDowell, Founder, PATRICKMcDOWELL | Sustainability Design Director, PINKO

Corporate culture and how a company promotes and implements policies and practices focusing on sustainable impact is more important than ever. This discussion will look into how to build a strong culture and leadership towards sustainability, how to anchor companies policies around it, and how to measure the impact of sustainable action in society at a corporate level.

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Sustainable Business Model Architecture
Opening remarks by His Serene Highness, Prince Albert II of Monaco; followed by a panel discussion with Sebastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion, Founders of VEJA; Clara Chappaz, Chief Business Officer at Vestiaire Collective; Jess Fleischer CEO of Son of a Tailor; Andrew Olah, Founding Member of Transformers Foundation and CEO at Olah Inc; and Alon Shklarek, Serial Impact Entrepreneur.

Experts share their know-how regarding sustainable business models, the necessary general frameworks, the challenges, and how these companies have successfully achieved building sustainable business models.

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Sustainability in the Lifestyle Sectors: a Reality to Face
Amina Mohammed – UN Deputy Secretary-General
Lord St. John of Bletso- British Politician and Expert in Clean Technology
Erin Doherty- Editor-in-Chief of ELLE France
Silvia Dell’Acqua- Chair of Sustainability at ELLE Education
Francisco J. Lopez Navarrete- ELLE Education President

Learn about the current state of sustainability in the lifestyle industries with this panel of experts. They will discuss leadership, different approaches to sustainability, the role of media, the role of the government, and the role of management within a company.

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Open day II

Solve all your questions about the following programs:

-Influencer Marketing
-Image Consultant and Personal Shopper
-Visual Merchandising and Fashion Styling

With the Program Tutors and the Admissions Team!

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Solve all your questions about the following programs:

-How to Create a Brand
-Interior Design
-Introduction to Business Management
-Product Design
-Marketing and Communications for Fashion and Luxury Brands

With the Program Tutors and the Admissions Team!

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