with the support from the
United Nations Office for Partnerships

ELLE Education Seminar Series is a non-profit initiative by ELLE Education – with the support from the United Nations Office for Partnerships – made with the objective to contribute to individuals’ personal development through a series of seminars focused on sustainability, entrepreneurship, and innovation in the fashion, lifestyle, and interior design.

Sustainable Development Goals

Overall, ELLE Education Seminar Series aims to accelerate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – 17 urgent calls to action adopted by all UN Member States. Designed to improve our world, the SDGs call upon stakeholders to advance a shared global agenda that puts an end to poverty, climate change, and existing inequalities.

For further information about goals, please click here.

Seminar Dates & Topics







Who leads the seminars?

  • Academics and researchers experts in their domains
  • Business leaders who want to share their vision 
  • Public bodies explaining their work in sustainability, entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Entrepreneurs who have set up new and innovative business models
  • Pioneering educational institutions

Who is this seminar for?

  • Professionals of all sectors interested in sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurs who want to lead their businesses responsibly
  • Students with an interest in making a difference 
  • Any individual with an interest in improving the world


This free-access initiative takes place in a period of 2 weeks. It consists of a combination of live panels and discussions with experts and is held in an Online Campus. The Online Campus will also contain video lectures previously recorded and available from the first day of the seminar.

In preparation of the event, all participants will have access to lectures of 30 minutes and to academic materials related to the topic including articles, interviews with professionals, and a report written by experts in the topic. Participants will also have access to an online forum to interact with all the other participants. The campus will remain open for one week after the live events take place.


Upon completion of the ELLE Education Seminar all participants will receive an Attendance Certificate issued by ELLE Education with the support from the United Nations Office for Partnerships, in a downloadable and email form. 

Sustainability Seminar (April 19th-30th)

The first ELLE Education Seminar of the series will be focused on sustainability. From April 19th to April 30th.

Campus Online Access: April 19th- 30th

Live Session Schedule:

April 22nd
Welcome Day

Roundtable with introduction to sustainability and contextualization of where sustainability stands today.

April 23rd
Day 2

Two 45 minute roundtable discussions deconstructing sustainability from a social and environmental perspective.

April 24th
Final Day

Three roundtables and discussions of 45 minutes focusing on having a complete picture of the current situation in the lifestyle industry, and ideas for the future.

Topics Covered

Sustainability boost

Innovation as key for sustainability

Process automation

Customers’ new expectations

The future of sustainability

Material recycling

3D printing

Circular Economy

How to change business models towards a more sustainable one


New sources of energy and transportation

Inventory management


At the end of this seminar participants will have to complete two short questionnaires, one immediately at the end of the seminar, and the other one three months later in order to analyze how participants have applied their new knowledge to their personal and professional life and measure the impact of these sessions.