Decoration and tableware have become an essential part of any interior design, or lifestyle brand, offering a vital experience, and a way of living that starts at the table. 

The art of setting the table is an ability based on projecting our style into the little details to please the diners. Being a host means taking care of every aspect to make any culinary event a wonderful success. 

In the last year, and thanks to the increased time spent at home, many brands and designers have paid more attention to offer attractive designs within their homeware lines, whether these are decorative objects, cutlery, tableware, or furniture. 

In a world where everything is photographed via Instagram, thousands of images with table sets and decorative ideas through the Internet work as a source of inspiration, helping us to get into the hunt for f those objects to decorate both our home and table daily, as well as our special events. 

Dressing the table is one of the talents that every interior designer and decorator should have. Making attractive placements, and knowing the most suitable combination of materials- even with some unexpected ones- you will make the aesthetic arrangements to work better, and to keep in mind a certain style. 

The rise of home lines from designers and luxury brands is due to more clients looking to create a lifestyle statement with their home accessories, communicating a message of taste and their favorite design references.

Although homeware is not a recent invention, we can find a notable upward trend in tableware, driven by small gatherings and social media as a medium for communication, inspiration, and the exchange of décor information between the users.

Set Your Look and Set the Table: Fashion & Dinnerware Décor

Decorators and interior designers are up-to-date with the latest product launches of luxury brands and independent designers. A market that prescribes trends and sets the standards in color palettes, textures, and materials on the rise.

Many fashion brands translate their lifestyle to the customer through their homeware, accompanying them with its fashions, and also dressing the table. 

Homeware is a brand’s extension that the customer can use to build its personal style with many options, from minimalist, floral, conceptual, and classic tableware to furniture collections.

For example, Armani Casa celebrates its 20th anniversary reflecting the constant yet subtle dialogue between tradition and innovation. Designer Giorgio Armani created an elegant and timeless home style, originated from the curiosity of exploring new environments beyond fashion. The Logo Lamp emerged in the early 1980s, as the hallmark of the entire line. Mr. Armani is a pioneer designer using the dynamic between minimalism and décor. 

Its iconic bar cabinets are the perfect match for any social soirée. Royal, a hand-crafted bar cabinet marked by details reminiscent of a revisited sécretaire, for glasses and cups, with shutter closure, a limited edition of only 88 pieces for the SS21 collection. The cabinet is clad in a special weaving of paper and cotton reminiscent of a Japanese tatami and textured fabrics typical in Giorgio Armani’s aesthetics. 

Gucci Décor is the latest launch inside the creative universe of Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele. The line offers an eclectic and a mix-match aesthetic, very reminiscent of the brand’s image, featuring the House motifs, patterns, and codes. The line also includes trays, cushions, mugs, and metal folding tables designed to personalize the home. 

Part of the porcelain collection includes vases produced by Richard Ginori, the renowned Florentine company founded in 1735. 

Dior Maison has been “an ode to the art de vivre and entertaining à la française” perpetuated by the house of Christian Dior since its foundation. Creative Director, Cordelia de Castellane, has maintained that spirit since 2017, with a high standard collection of home plates, place mats, tablecloths, glasses, platters, and much more created in extraordinary materials. 

The homeware and tableware line has permanent collections, as well as capsules and seasonal collections to infuse novelty and freshness to the client’s table. There are several inspirations around Dior Maison, from Monsieur Dior’s muse of muses, the leopard print, featured in The Blue Mizza collection, to The Granville collection, a tribute to the flowers and the garden of his villa in Normandy, displayed on carafes, glasses, napkins -embroidered and hand-painted- as well as on dessert plates. 

Home decoration and crafting showstopper tables are very useful knowledge for interior designers, to create cozy environments and do remarkable statements for any home.