Sustainability and business are topics leading the global conversation, from apparel to tech enterprises. Today we share key points about the B Corp certification and why the fashion industry uses it as a positioning strategy.

As an Interior Design and Deco-enthusiast, you need to keep up with the latest emerging trends. Look for new artistic expressions, groundbreaking shapes, and unconventional materials. 


Interior Design allows us to reflect our personality through spaces, it helps outline our character and the type of environment we cherish. The possibilities of mastering Interior Design are endless, you can always change and alter your surroundings to be more aesthetically pleasing. 


This year, after lockdowns and staying at home longer than usual, it is reasonable that decoration waves ahead bring us to balance, redefinition, as well as healthier indoor environments. 


Just as in Fashion, Interior Design ideas come back and go. Popular trends can update a classic style or be helpful to rethink the functionality of your space. In both cases, the decoration aesthetic waves help to give an unexpected twist to our home, office, or recreational spaces.


Below is a list of the best Interior Design and Home Interior tips for 2022. 


Green Is the Most Wanted Color

From warm greens to vibrant “clickbait” green, eucalyptus, or jade, the green palette has expanded around deco color palette and even through fashion. Emerald green and Sage green are also among this year’s favorites. 


Ode to Nature: Outside Spaces Slide Inside 

A deep connection with nature and all of its forms and shapes. This nature-trend focuses on bringing greenery into your room. Plants are the stars, complimenting warm browns, wood finishes, and nature-type furniture. Flowering plants are a stylish choice to splash a little bit of color in the space. The more (plants), the merrier. This tendency is valid also to focus on your outdoor space, such as porches, balconies, and backyards; in 2022, they will be taking the spotlight.


Antiques and Retro-Vibe 

Retro themes are on the rise this year. Burnt Orange and Tan are colors that blend perfectly with Mahogany. From Bauhaus, mid-century, and Scandinavian furniture, nostalgia is flooding everything. Warm neutrals and a touch of retro in decorative objects can give a unique look to your place. Keep visiting your local antique shop to find bargains and unique pieces to be restored and introduced in your spaces to make a deco statement. 


Sustainable Attitude and Materials Are Here to Stay

The sustainability approach is not a trend. The encouragement of a greener design is essential in any design studio and decoration project. The popularity of natural materials like linen, wood, and stone is trending. Clay, ceramics, organic shapes, and tactile finishes in the walls are part of this trend. Recycled or reused materials in decoration are mandatory to have an eco-friendly design perspective.


Multifunctional Spaces

The pandemic is making us rethink everything around us; one of the strengths of 2022 Interior Design trends is the versatility and approach to our home spaces. Is it your kitchen table or is it your work desk? Some workspaces are becoming spaces to play or to develop a hobby. Living rooms can serve different purposes and activities. A terrace can work as an office, and indoor spaces are continuously transformed into what our needs require them to be. 


Let’s Get Physical: Home Gyms and Meditation Spaces

More popular than ever, the at-home exercise routine has become an integral part of our daily life. Interior designers and decorators expect fitness-in house is likely to remain popular. A few rearrangements of a room can make it work to perform your favorite routine or simply disconnect with your daily meditation. 


Large-Scale Patterns and Biophilic Motifs Everywhere

Natural lighting and biophilic design elements will strengthen its presence in 2022. Exciting and eccentric wallpapers nature-themed are the perfect example of the trend. Also, the Goblincore trend (wild side of nature and forest mania) is bringing back vintage small-shiny objects in an earthy theme (mushrooms, leaves, mud) to experiment in our home. 


The best interior designers and decorators take the best of trends and deco-moods and adapt them into any project. Pay attention to all tendencies to keep your creativity at its highest level.