Social media exposure and e-commerce platforms have increased the demand for lifestyle photoshoots to showcase the product or the services we provide impeccably. Today we share some advice on how to produce eye-catching lifestyle images to break the internet. 


Still-life photographs have become a daily task for any communication strategist who works intensively on social networks. In a world where the digitalization of reality is more present than ever, it is important to know the aspects to consider when creating the visual identity of a brand, a project, or a service. 

To produce a photographic series that catches potential customers’ attention, we need to plan everything in advance. Decide what types of photography we need to create and which will connect more directly with our audiences. 

There is no limit to creativity when producing product photography. We can create universes where our customer feels projected, inform them about the benefits associated with the product, integrate them into the brand communication dialogue and provide them with sources of daily inspiration. 

Below you can find the types of product photography we can create for a lifestyle brand and its production characteristics. 


1. Find Your Angle, Create Different Points of View

Using different types of angles, customers can really see the product from all kinds of views. You can try to mix-and-match zenithal perspectives with zoom-over products characteristics. Using this technique, you shoot all sides and details around the product. You can photograph these types of images inside a photo studio, or you can do it outdoors to get a natural look. 


2. Cast a Model to Project Your Desired Brand Image

Professional models can bring certain attitudes and professionality to a brand’s image. Brief your models so they can develop the look and feel you want to communicate to your audience. You can register different phases of photoshoot sessions; for example, you can create a behind-the-scenes story with hair and make-up on the go, capture their authentic expression and wardrobe changes. You can use the final photos for an advertising campaign, a social media post, or the website headers. 


3. Still-Life: Inspiration for Everyone Using Everything at Hand

Photographic still-life has been around fashion and decoration magazines since its foundation. It is a glamorous and sophisticated way to portrait the products we want to promote. Great photographers such as Irving Penn and Horst P. Horst created unique creative universes as inspiration. The key of a clean and powerful still life photoshoot is to craft the perfect light, analyze and try different types of composition and balance of the objects. You can photograph the product using props or human parts such as hands, lips, wrists, or legs. You can use the collage technique and test unusual materials as a background to deliver intensity to the photoshoot. 


4. Use Scale and Proportion on Your Products and Decorate Environments

Clients sometimes look for dimensions and exact measures of the products you are featuring in your communication channels. As a brand, you can provide scale images on a real background, do it so your customer can realize the proportion of the product in a more efficient way. In decoration, when photographing chairs, couches, bed textiles, tables, or lamps, it is crucial to find the right angle to feature the complete scene and create an atmosphere


5. Dynamize Your Photos: Show Some Actions and Emotions

Emotions are the most powerful shopping driver. If we shoot and deliver a strong emotion to the camera, the client will immediately connect with that type of human experience. Depending on the product you are selling, sometimes your audience will want more dynamic pictures to feel connected, especially when it comes to sport and fitness brands. 


6. Create Sequences, Textures, and Color Stories

The use of textures and the right color palette on a lifestyle product photoshoot is a basic notion that you must apply rigorously. Color psychology can help us to decide which are the best color combinations to be in the shoot. You can also create a textured story to showcase an extreme detail of the product and deliver it into sequences. 


A picture is worth more than a thousand words, be prepared to create the best photoshoots to dazzle your customer. Stay creative and be ready to deliver the best energy inside your lifestyle product photoshoot.