Fashion, creativity and branding, three things you can find in a showroom, let’s start by defining what a showroom actually is: a showroom is a space where, in this instance, fashion collections are shown; in this case the fashion cycle becomes extremely relevant, as the showroom will also have to follow the same timings. There are two types of showroom:

Press showroom

This is where the press, stylists, PR professionals and opinion leaders get together! The showroom holds events that can be internal for the brand, or they may be outsourced. They display the current in-store or upcoming offerings to give them more visibility

Sales showroom

The showroom is for buyers to see the collections that will be on sale, after the collections have come out.

Showrooms work with different tools: collections, the lookbook, silhouettes, press releases, open days, special events, and clippings.

Just like the showroom, the work of a fashion stylist in it is very dynamic since they have to adjust to the needs of the brands featured. Innovation and reinvention are key in a showroom, even some guesswork is also involved.

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