Influencers are a big part of today’s marketing reality, especially in the luxury and fashion industries, but who is really an influencer?  In the traditional sense of this word we look at opinion leaders, or connoisseurs, but this was before social media had arrived to change everything.

Today the term is indivisible from social media channels, when we think of influencers we have to think of social media. The relevance of an influencer nowadays not only depends on their persona, but also the channel through which they communicate. If their channel is not frequented often, or less popular, their relevance will not be very large, keeping them from becoming influencers.

The attributes that distinguish an influencer from any other social media user are:

-The power to affect purchasing decisions due to the perceived authority by the audience

-Having a distinct niche with whom they actively engage with

-A considerable amount of followers in at least one social media platform

-High engagement with their followers

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