Having an effective marketing strategy is essential to the success of any business. If possible clients are not acquainted with your brand, or do not relate to it, they will go somewhere else; at the end of the day, we live in a globalized world with many options for our purchases. How do we make an effective marketing strategy? Here are some tips:



  • Emphasize and show your strengths!


You must show your client why your brand is different from your competitors’ and why it may fulfill their needs better than others. 


  • Make sure you have the resources you need


When making the strategy you must take into account the resources you have available to implement it such as the workforce, measurement methods, customer service, etc. On the same note, make sure your marketing plan includes a good use of a set budget. 


  • Determine your target audience


Your target audience will be the customers who engage with your brand by spending their time and money on it. Take a look at where they are based, their lifestyle, their likes and dislikes, and overall personality. Majority of your marketing efforts must be invested into this group!


  • Multi-channels! 


Nowadays there are several ways in which customers can contact brands, make sure your brand is available on the appropriate channels to reach your target. Remember trust is also built on awareness! Make sure your channels communicate not only promotional content, but also content that shows how your brand can be a solution to the customer’s problem. 


  • Collect Data


To make your campaigns more effective make sure you are getting to know your customer better. Try to know as much as possible about your client and set up goals that will help you constantly cater to your target.


  • Organize activities!


Events, physical or online, are a great way to engage the customer with your product! Organize webinars, seminars, giveaways, and interviews to maintain the relationship between brand and customer.

These are just a few tips to help you, however, an effective marketing strategy also requires, time, patience, effort, and knowledge. Learn more in detail about marketing and communications with our Marketing and Communications for Fashion and Luxury Brands Diploma Course!  Sign up before July 26th!