Most loyal customers for retailers typically account for 80% of the sales”. Today we take a look at Zara as an example of a retail business that has built incredible customer loyalty to the brand, to demonstrate “Shopper frequency at Zara is 2x to 3x higher than traditional women’s apparel” What does Zara do to make it stand out from other brands?

-Using technology as a way to engage the consumer

Innovation occurs not when you have new technology, but when you find a new way to interact with the consumer. In many Zara stores consumers can use their phones to see models wearing certain outfits with sensors or AR-enabled shop windows calling the curiosity of the younger consumer! 

-Value is not only based on product

The key to every business today is building experiences for their customers.  Zara’s advanced data collection methods allows them to understand their consumers and their patterns better, always maintaining a conversation with the consumer. 

-Location, location, location

Zara is present in every channel where it can meet its customer, additionally it encourages consumers to actively participate making them brand ambassadors which, once again, promotes the conversation with the consumer. Additionally physical stores are located in the most important markets for their brand in terms of loyal shoppers. The combination of both is a huge asset to sales.

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