There are different types of fashion events outside of the traditional and most obvious as are runways. Do you want to know what they are?

Product Launch

These events serve as an introduction to the new products offered by a company; it is the first time the public gets to see them. 

They usually take place way in advance of the release date in order to build up expectation and create momentum for the new product.

Runway Shows

A runway show is one of most entertaining ways to creating an experience for the fashion consumer, it captivates the audience and it is one of those events that breathe a fashion lifestyle. 

It allows viewers to see the movement of the different designs, and to see a complete creative vision of a brand.

Corporate Events

Corporate events are defined as any type of event, hospitality or social activity organized by a business entity. They can have different audiences such as employees, current or potential clients, and stakeholders.

The purposes of these types of events vary, they can be to provide a vision of branding, celebrate people or special occasions such as anniversaries, or reward individuals.

Press Events

Sometime some events are organized exclusively for the press relevant to your brand in order to present a product. These can be cocktails, brunches, or any type of event, the main purpose is for the press to learn the details of the new product so that they can spread the news about it!

Fashion Trade Shows

A trade show is “an exhibition for companies in a specific industry to showcase and demonstrate their new products and services”. Most of them are not open to the public and there is only brand representatives and press present. 

For fashion designers, this is a place where they can show their newest designs to potential clients and retailers. 

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