LinkedIn has become an essential tool for success in your professional career; it is the biggest showcase to the professional world, as it is the preferred tool for both companies and recruitment consultants in their recruiting processes.



  • Headline as a “Fit” Within the Sector


If you are not currently working or studying, you must make your headline fit into one of your specific areas of interest and be concise. For example, if you have studied marketing and fashion communication you will have to specify in the holder the area where you have more experience or where you want to go.



  • A Suitable Photo


Not any picture is good enough to be your image in the sector, you should have a formal picture, as neutral as possible, and smiling if possible. It has been proven that a smile influences the perception of others about you in a very positive way; and even more so if we take into account that it is the only image of you that they will see before contacting you. 



  • Be Your Best Storyteller


Use the “Excerpt” area to describe yourself by summarizing your career and studies. This will be the way the selection experts will place you. Tell your career story as if it were an excerpt from a book – sell it!



  • Complete All of the Information


LinkedIn offers a thousand possibilities to display our studies, work experience and our most outstanding achievements. Complete all of the information and show recruiters your specialization within your career, achievements, objectives completed in your work as well as every significant experience that your work has brought you in each of the positions you have been in.



  • A Video is Worth a Thousand Words


Search videos within platforms such as Youtube or Vimeo about your university, your company or charities where you have volunteered. Select the best videos so they know first hand where you have been and what their values are.



  • Keywords!


LinkedIn, just like Google with its searches, highlights the profiles most in line with the search made, for this reason it is very important to make the most of the SEO and include keywords that experts search for in selection processes.



  • Share!


Like any other social network, LinkedIn exists to put its members in touch with one another, which is why it is essential that you share articles, professional opinions, other people’s content, etc. in your profile almost daily.


Search for the best professionals in your sector and the companies where you would like to work. This will give you a 360º view of the sector and how you can become a key player in it. And most importantly, it will allow you to find out about all the job opportunities that may interest you. Finally, remember that just like when you go to an interview, you try to give the best image of yourself, LinkedIn is your daily interview.