with the support from the
United Nations Office for Partnerships

ELLE Education Seminar Series is a non-profit initiative by ELLE Education – with the support from the United Nations Office for Partnerships – made to contribute to individualsโ€™ personal development through our academic excellence and expertise in Fashion, Lifestyle and Interior Design.

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Seminar intent

A brand is born for consumers, and they need to be at the center of the strategy. The product is simply not enough to be significant for consumers. The fashion and luxury industries are built on this very concept, they connect with their consumer at an emotional level; today the biggest concern for the newer generations is sustainability.ย 

Being sustainable is no longer an option, itโ€™s a need to preserve our planet and be part of the development of society in every aspect. Sustainability has to be a high priority for brands.ย 

At ELLE Education we have a social commitment to support the development of a more sustainable world through the best way we know how: education. In the three live sessions of the seminar, we will analyse sustainability in the lifestyle industries from different angles as well as introduce trends, and innovative ideas to be implemented with the objective of reaching global sustainability.

Sustainability Seminar (April 19th-July 12th)

The ELLE Education Seminar will be focused on sustainability. From April 19th to July 12th.

Campus Online Access: April 19th- July 12th

Live Session Content:

APRIL 2021

Discussions delving into the reality of sustainability in the lifestyle sectors, covering the areas of the current approaches being taken, how to promote a culture of sustainability and how to lead with that goal, and how to define sustainable strategies.


  • 17:00 CET: Welcome address by ELLE Education President, Francisco J. Lopezย 
  • 17:05 CET: Opening remarks by UN Deputy Secretary-General, Amina Mohammed
  • 17:10-17:50 CET: Panel discussion: Sustainability in the Lifestyle Sectors: a Reality to Face

JUNE 2021

Discussions will center around how to create sustainable business models, what the needed general frameworks are, and the companies that have successfully achieved building such model in the lifestyle industries.


june 2021
seminar LIVE SESSION 3

Discussions on this last day will center around the impact of innovation and technology on sustainability. Once again delving into the frameworks to drive innovation, and analyzing the success of other companies that have been able to reach their goals.



This free-access Seminar will consist of a combination of video lectures previously recorded and hosted in the ELLE Education online campus and different live panel discussions which will take place from April to June 2021.

Participants will start their academic journey on this Seminar on April 19th, 2021 with access to the online campus.

This Seminar is divided into three modules, the first one addressing a general approach of sustainability, followed by module 2 which delves into business models, and then module 3, which goes into detail about the impact of innovation and technology towards sustainability.

In preparation to the event, all participants will find video lectures by different international faculty and world-renowned professionals with extensive experience in sustainability matters focused on the different lifestyle sectors. In addition, they will also find materials and case studies to build a general framework on the topic, and finally, a forum to share relevant news and knowledge and to interact with other participants.ย 


Upon completion of the ELLE Education Seminar all participants will receive an Attendance Certificate issued by ELLE Education with the support from the United Nations Office for Partnerships, in a downloadable and email form.ย 

Sustainable Development Goals

Overall, ELLE Education Seminar Series aims to accelerate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – 17 urgent calls to action adopted by all UN Member States. Designed to improve our world, the SDGs call upon stakeholders to advance a shared global agenda that puts an end to existing inequalities and promotes decent work and responsible consumption and production.

Topics Covered

Sustainability boost

Innovation as key for sustainability

Process automation

Customersโ€™ new expectations

The future of sustainability

Material recyclingย 

3D printing

Circular Economy

How to change business models towards a more sustainable one


New sources of energy and transportation

Inventory management

For further information about goals, please click here.

Seminar Actors

Who leads the seminars?

  • Academics and researchers experts in their domains
  • Business leaders who want to share their visionย 
  • Public bodies explaining their work in sustainability, entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Entrepreneurs of the lifestyle industries who have set up new and innovative business models
  • Pioneering educational institutions

Who is this seminar for?

  • Professionals of all the lifestyle industries interested in sustainability.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to lead their businesses responsibly
  • Students with an interest in making a differenceย 
  • Any individual with an interest in improving the world


At the end of this seminar participants will have to complete two short questionnaires, one immediately at the end of the seminar, and the other one three months later in order to analyze how participants have applied their new knowledge to their personal and professional life and measure the impact of these sessions.