Mindway Ecosystem, S.L., (hereinafter, “Mindway”) is the organiser and developer of the space hereinafter referred to as “Community”, aimed at creating a community consisting of alumni of ELLE Fashion School, ELLE Atelier and the School of Interior Design, and students at ELLE Education Spain, LATAM and International.

These terms and conditions (hereinafter, the “Conditions”) lay down the requirements for alumni to use Community to share their experience as Mindway students (alumni of the MBA program, Master’s program, courses and qualifications at ELLE Fashion School, ELLE Atelier, School of Interior Design and ELLE Education who are currently ELLE Education students) (hereinafter referred to as the “Users”). Students that have attended conferences or forums are not eligible to participate and benefit from the Advantage (as defined in Section 4).


  1. In order to participate in Community, Users must fill out the registration form with all data marked as mandatory (*), specifically their name, surname(s), e-mail address used during their experience as Mindway students and country of origin.
  2. Users must fill in the section “Tell us about your experience” by describing their distance learning experience at Mindway and uploading a photograph or a video relating to their country of origin (the “Post”).
  3. The User guarantees, in his/her name and on his/her behalf, to be the owner of the industrial and intellectual property rights, image rights and any other rights in connection with the elements that he/she provided to enter Community. Mindway shall not be responsible for the failure of the Users to comply with the regulations or with any third party rights, and the Users undertake to hold Mindway harmless in such a case.
  4. Any blog Post made by the Users must be in strict compliance with the following rules:
    • It must be an original creation of the participant.
    • Its content must be truthful.
    • It must not infringe any intellectual or industrial property rights, rights of image or any other third-party rights.
    • The Posts may not feature minors.
    • The Posts must not be defamatory or offensive.
    • They must not include any private personal, confidential or secret information.
    • They must be suitable for people of any age and comply with every applicable law or regulation.
    • They must not be deemed by Mindway to be offensive, sexually explicit, insulting, derogatory or otherwise inappropriate.
    • Las Publicaciones de los Usuarios que no cumplan las reglas anteriores podrán no publicarse en Community, perdiendo la oportunidad para obtener la ventaja descrita en el apartado 3.
    • Los datos personales anteriores serán tratados de conformidad con lo previsto en la Política de Privacidad.
    • Una vez que el Usuario haya cumplimentado el formulario de participación alojado en Community, este será enviado al Equipo de Comunicación de Mindway que revisará el cumplimiento de las Condiciones por el Usuario con carácter previo a su publicación. En caso de que resulte necesario subsanar algún requisito, o ampliar información, el Equipo de Comunicación lo pondrá en conocimiento del Usuario para cumplimente la información que resulte necesaria o para que acepte los cambios introducidos por el Equipo de Comunicación.
  5. Any User Posts that fail to comply the rules listed above shall not be published on Community, thereby forfeiting the eligibility for the Advantage described in Section 3.
  6. The above personal data shall be treated in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy.
  7. Once the User has filled out the participation form hosted on Community, the data will be sent to Mindway’s Communication Team to verify the User’s compliance with the Conditions before its publication. If anything needs to be amended or elaborated on, the Communication Team will ask the User to supply the necessary information or to accept the changes made by the Communication Team.


The User authorises Mindway to use and directly exploit his/her image shown on the Post, and transfers to Mindway its exploitation rights, including the use, broadcasting, exhibition, public communication, dissemination and reproduction rights, as well as the transformation rights to publish the Post on Community and on the web pages owned by Mindway (https://mindway.education/, https://elle.education/, https://elle.education/es/ or https://elle.education/mx/), including its social media profiles (@mindwayedu, @elle.education, @elle.education.es or @elle.education.latam) or newsletter communications. The above rights shall be granted to Mindway on an exclusive basis, worldwide and for the maximum term permitted by the applicable regulations in force at all times.


Once Mindway has verified that the Post complies with all the requirements described in Section 1, they will publish the Post on Community and send the User a code redeemable for a ten percent (10%) discount on the final price of one (1) of the training programs available on the following website: [*] (the “Advantage”).

The code shall be transferable and valid for a single use: it must be entered in the “Apply Code” box at checkout during the course purchase process.

The User acknowledges that, in order to benefit from the Advantage, the Post must remain on Community for at least six (6) months from the date of its publication.