European Accreditation

ELLE Education partners up with educational institutions globally to form unique academic experiences that allow their students to become the professionals demanded by the industry.

Our longest academic partnership has been with Complutense University of Madrid, which has been present since the origins of the ELLE Education platform more than 10 years ago

Complutense University of Madrid is a world-renowned university, it is one of the oldest worldwide, the third largest on-site university in Europe and one of the most prestigious in the hispanic world

Currently, this university has produced 7 Nobel Laureates out of 8 in Spain. With 26 schools, Complutense University of Madrid covers a large range of topics from humanities, to law and medicine, and architecture.

Besides collaborating with ELLE Education, Complutense University of Madrid also collaborates with Oxford University, Pathéon-Sorbonne University, La Sapienza University,  USC Berkeley, and Harvard University.

All of our diplomas, master programs, and our MBA are accredited by Complutense University of Madrid, providing the graduated students with ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System).

ECTS credits are recognized within the European Higher Education Area, and can count towards a qualification studied for another educational institution.

The Applied MBA holds 65 ECTS, and the Applied Masters 60 ECTS, the certification is issued by Complutense University of Madrid and ELLE Education. 

The Diploma Courses hold 40 ECTS, the certification is issued by Complutense University of Madrid and ELLE Education.