Why Study Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing started off as a secondary marketing activity for firms to support their traditional advertising campaigns, however, the effectiveness of this innovative type of marketing transformed this secondary activity into a 5-10 billion USD industry.  As consumers demand more genuine interactions with brands, influencers become the image of authentic endorsement, that is, if influencer and brand partnerships are done correctly.

The influencer market has grown significantly, this means a larger pool of influencers, and a larger pool of choice for brands. Scandals of fake followers are widely known, and choosing the wrong influencer can mean losses for firms. When brands and influencers achieve the right pairing however, firms can benefit greatly. To avoid mistakes both firms and influencers increasingly choose to have a mediator. In the case of influencers, Talent Managers, and in the case of firms, assigning an expert position that deals exclusively with this type of campaigns or hiring a specialized agency. 

Our Influencer Marketing short course prepares students to be the corporate mediator firms need. One of the main requirements to make Influencer Marketing successful is having an effective plan for sponsored content, in our program we teach our students how to lead a successful campaign, how to measure the outcome, and how to report it their superiors or clients.

Our program also prepares students to reach out to digital talent, to manage legal affairs as well as how to deal with Talent Managers, and logistics. Additionally, it provides students with thorough knowledge on trends and channels.

If you want to join industry, start out by gaining the knowledge you need to succeed

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What is the Best Part of Studying Online?

Coco Chanel once said “You were born an original, don't become a copy”, and that's what inspired me to do something new.

The relationship between the question "What is the best part of studying online?" and this quote surfaces when this and my career in fashion merge. When I entered to study Fashion Design, I realized that there are too many branches related to fashion, not just
making patterns and sewing, you also study history, trends, communication, among other topics related to fashion. When I started, I realized that most of my colleagues dreamed of creating their brand and having a store, then I wondered, do I dream about having my
own brand?

After thinking about it, I realized that my true passion was to spread knowledge about fashion, to transmit what I am so passionate about to others and learn more about it. Here is where the question with the aforementioned phrase works. My dream is to stand out, to
learn and improve my knowledge in the world of fashion, I wanted to begin to form my professional career, so I started with my blog "SHE by Priscilla Gómez" but I believed that in order to transmit more knowledge about fashion and enchant others with it I had to
improve, to learn, and to become a professional in what I love, so that's how I discovered ELLE Education.

I believe that studying online is one of the best opportunities that we have as students to grow and to improve, not only academically but also personally. Studying online helps to get to know other cultures, more ways to discover other learning experiences, and the
most important thing, it provides the the opportunity to have courses, diplomas, where experts teach you from the point of view based on their experience.

The opportunity I found in studying online is that I get to learn by myself and to know what I am capable of and what really want to do, I get to show myself that the world of fashion goes beyond what we think it is.

When I decided to stay in my hometown to study Fashion, I thought that I wouldn't be able to have big opportunities to improve myself, I believed that by studying fashion my only goal would be having my clothing brand. Nowadays, thanks to the opportunity of studying online, I know that that's not true, I know that having my own brand is not my only purpose, but on the opposite, I can dedicate to writing about my passion for fashion, which is what I love the most.

ELLE Education fulfills the purpose of studying online, which means providing us with an incredible opportunity that helps us grow not only in a professional way but in a personal way, and at the same time, transmitting that to society; making them learn with us.

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New Courses on our Platform!

ELLE Education was launched as a platform in March of this year, it started off with two diploma courses and three short courses. We are proud to announce that our education offer continues to expand to fulfill the demand for flexible, and high quality education in the fashion and events sectors. In this upcoming October intake the second edition of our initial three short courses will be accompanied by three new courses, and more to be launched in the upcoming months. These short courses will be following the same format, a two month duration, 100% online, and will continue to combine academic and practical knowledge to prepare you for your career.

Name of the course: Fashion and Lifestyle Branding

Who should take this course?:
-Individuals who want to start a career in branding
-Professionals who want to understand how to make their brand stronger
-Entrepreneurs who want to solidify their brands

Career paths:
-Branding Consultant
-Marketing Manager

Name of the course: Product Design

Who should take this course?:
-Individuals interested in this career
-Individuals who want to run their personal brand
-Entrepreneurs who plan to create their own design

Career paths:
-Product Designer
-Industrial design researcher
-Creative director

Name of the course: Influencer Marketing

Who should take this course?:
-Individuals who want to work as the mediator between influencers and brands
-Entrepreneurs who want to start working with influencers
-Marketing specialists who want to gain knowledge in this area of marketing
-Influencers who want a better look at how the industry works and their role in it

Career paths:
-Mediator between influencers and brands
-Partnership Manager

If you want more details about these courses or want to see the whole education offer check out our programs here!

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Why I Chose ELLE Education

The name, ELLE, itself, means FASHION. A brand that famous celebrities prefer to wear because of its stylish and elegance. I did not have a second thought of choosing ELLE EDUCATION.

My generation caters mostly on designs that express their moods and their characters. Something that express their feelings even through accessories! Times have changed and we have to go with the flow of society.

I believe that I have a passion for fashion since I am always attracted to new trends and new designs I find in magazines. I actually have enrolled a short course in Bahrain. I learned how to sew, how to blend color combinations and the type of cloth and materials needed for certain outfits.

And now that I found ELLE EDUCATION, it is my utmost dream to pursue a better career from a renowned World class Company. I fully trust ELLE EDUCATION and I know that someday I will become a famous Fashion Designer under its professional tutelage.

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Examples of Pilot Stores by Industry Giants!

Pilot stores are defined as “a prototype store used to test management practices, systems and products”.  These stores have one clear objective and raison d'être: to attract new customers! 

Industry giants pick their best stores to test out new initiatives that could change their business for the better. The importance of a pilot store is to have a controlled environment where data can be collected before engaging in a transformation to a large scale. This is particularly important for retail brands present all over the world. Today we will take a look at two examples in fashion retail brands: Zara and H&M


After a brief dip in sales in 2018, H&M opted for focusing on creating experiences for its customers rather than change their products. In other words, it wanted to test a more luxurious approach, which some of its competitors were already doing.  

It started off with a pilot store in the upmarket of Karlaplan, Stockholm, where the stored offered a more selective choice of clothes in a color coordinated manner, testing out its visual merchandising techniques. The store also offered coffee as well as exclusive events for loyalty club members, including yoga classes, and mingle events. Overall the idea was to get much closer to the consumer and create a more personal attachment.  

This pilot served H&M to see where to go next with its consumer!


Zara tends to opt for an identical layout and aesthetic worldwide. Visual merchandisers at HQ use pilot stores to test the interior design of each store in each of its categories (women, men, home).

However, these pilot stores are off-limits to the public and located in Zara HQ, they are used exclusively to experiment with the “look and feel” of the store before releasing any new collections, receiving new items twice a week. 

Visual merchandisers and 31 architects determine the most visually pleasing, and most logical layout for the Zara stores worldwide. They also work with retail managers to adapt their techniques locally to each store.

We have seen two different examples of the use of pilot stores by industry giants. If you find retail fascinating join our diploma course International Retail Management before July 26th!

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How to Identify the 4 P’s of Your Business

The most simplistic way to describe marketing is “placing the correct product in the correct place, at the right time”.  As per usual the simplest ideas turn into the most complicated! Not to fret, marketers have been researching for years how to simplify this process, and have come up with: Marketing Mix or the Four P’s.

The four P’s are: Product, Price, Place and Promotion. These are interdependent variables that help achieve marketing targets. These variables are flexible and fluid they change according to marketing conditions and consumer wants and needs. They need constant monitoring by the Marketing Manager, and should at all times have the customer as the focal point.

In order to identify them you must understand fully what each variable entails:

Product: A tangible good or an intangible service.

Price: The value of this tangible or intangible service.

Promotion:  The channels where you communicate to the consumer, i.e. advertising, public relations, social media marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing, video marketing, etc.

Place: Location of the customer journey. 

Now let’s take a look at some questions to consider when it comes to defining the strategy around the four P’s:

What do consumers want from your product, how does it differ from others?

How does your product answer the consumer’s needs?

Where do your potential buyers spend their time?

How do they value your product? 

How do you already interact with potential customers?

Do not shy away from “why” questions or “what if” situations this will help your analysis, and also know that this process will be constant and the consumer anf their preferences change regularly in this highly competitive globalized market. 

Still want to learn more? Sign up for our Marketing and Communications Diploma course before July 26th! 

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What Makes a Customer Loyal to a Brand?

Most loyal customers for retailers typically account for 80% of the sales”. Today we take a look at Zara as an example of a retail business that has built incredible customer loyalty to the brand, to demonstrate “Shopper frequency at Zara is 2x to 3x higher than traditional women’s apparel” What does Zara do to make it stand out from other brands?

-Using technology as a way to engage the consumer

Innovation occurs not when you have new technology, but when you find a new way to interact with the consumer. In many Zara stores consumers can use their phones to see models wearing certain outfits with sensors or AR-enabled shop windows calling the curiosity of the younger consumer! 

-Value is not only based on product

The key to every business today is building experiences for their customers.  Zara’s advanced data collection methods allows them to understand their consumers and their patterns better, always maintaining a conversation with the consumer. 

-Location, location, location

Zara is present in every channel where it can meet its customer, additionally it encourages consumers to actively participate making them brand ambassadors which, once again, promotes the conversation with the consumer. Additionally physical stores are located in the most important markets for their brand in terms of loyal shoppers. The combination of both is a huge asset to sales.

Gain all of the frameworks that will allow you to come up with innovative ideas, and the knowledge to make those ideas into a reality, check out our International Retail Management Diploma Course.

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Qualities that Define Online Students

Everyone can study online, but students that specifically choose to study in this format share certain qualities. Today we are going to explore some of those qualities.


Online students are very independent, they need to be able to pick out their own study hours and do not require constant supervision to achieve their academic goals.


Students that choose online modalities of study are very disciplined and have no problem in following the study schedule they have set up for themselves. They also have no problem with revising their notes!

Can Socialize Online

It can be difficult for some individuals to not have face-to-face interaction with their peers, online students understand this is not a necessity to connect with other students and feel comfortable with their channels of communication

Have No Issues Asking for Help

Being independent doesn’t mean never asking for help. Some individuals have difficulties reaching out for help and rely on others noticing their struggle, Online students have no problem in reaching out when they need to solve their doubts, they know the answer to their question is only one message away!


Online students have no issue in keeping themselves engaged with their studies, they know that giving it their best is a step towards becoming the professional they wish to be and it moves them closer to their goals.

Do you think you possess these qualities and want to embark on a unique academic experience? Check out our programs!

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The Benefits of Creating Your Own Brand

Creating your own brand already sounds like a great idea, the first obvious benefit is that you get to be your own boss, but besides that there are other awesome benefits such as:


Allowing your creativity to run free!

When you are an entrepreneur, your products come directly from your own desires and what you think will benefit other people! You can make your ideas into something tangible, which you do not always get to do within a firm.


Making decisions for your professional life

As an entrepreneur you will be in charge of all the steps you take in your professional life. It is true that this will come with the responsibility of taking care of your own team, but you will have the freedom to decide where to focus your professional steps.


Choosing your own team

This part is difficult when you get started, but you will have control of who you work with which will allow you to always pick a team that brings the best out of one another!


Embark on this journey with practicing professionals with academic knowledge and practical knowledge. The faculty at ELLE Education has experience in taking this journey and will share all of their secrets to success with you! 

Stop hesitating  and take the first step in this career path with all the tools to succeed. Join our How to Create a Brand short course before July 15th!

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What Makes an Effective Marketing Strategy?

Having an effective marketing strategy is essential to the success of any business. If possible clients are not acquainted with your brand, or do not relate to it, they will go somewhere else; at the end of the day, we live in a globalized world with many options for our purchases. How do we make an effective marketing strategy? Here are some tips:



  • Emphasize and show your strengths!


You must show your client why your brand is different from your competitors’ and why it may fulfill their needs better than others. 


  • Make sure you have the resources you need


When making the strategy you must take into account the resources you have available to implement it such as the workforce, measurement methods, customer service, etc. On the same note, make sure your marketing plan includes a good use of a set budget. 


  • Determine your target audience


Your target audience will be the customers who engage with your brand by spending their time and money on it. Take a look at where they are based, their lifestyle, their likes and dislikes, and overall personality. Majority of your marketing efforts must be invested into this group!


  • Multi-channels! 


Nowadays there are several ways in which customers can contact brands, make sure your brand is available on the appropriate channels to reach your target. Remember trust is also built on awareness! Make sure your channels communicate not only promotional content, but also content that shows how your brand can be a solution to the customer’s problem. 


  • Collect Data


To make your campaigns more effective make sure you are getting to know your customer better. Try to know as much as possible about your client and set up goals that will help you constantly cater to your target.


  • Organize activities!


Events, physical or online, are a great way to engage the customer with your product! Organize webinars, seminars, giveaways, and interviews to maintain the relationship between brand and customer.

These are just a few tips to help you, however, an effective marketing strategy also requires, time, patience, effort, and knowledge. Learn more in detail about marketing and communications with our Marketing and Communications for Fashion and Luxury Brands Diploma Course!  Sign up before July 26th!

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