About us

At ELLE Education we are known for having trained the best professionals of the industry for the past 10 years. Our aim is to create valuable academic experiences for students who seek flexibility and high quality education programs. 

With 45 editions, over 21 million readers and more than 100 million website visits per month, ELLE is one of the most influential fashion lifestyle brands in the world, study with us!

ELLE Education partners with

Mindway Liberal Studies®, a school which focuses on the impact of design in organizations, and its power as a tool to push innovation. This partner is present in all of our programs and provides them with a physical home.

MIT Sloan Executive Education, one of the world’s top business schools and a global leader in executive education. Our partner for the ELLE International Fashion and Luxury Management Program, also known as the Innovation Leadership for Fashion and Luxury Consumer Brands Program directed at high executives across all industries.

Learn fashion, design, innovation, and management from world leading universities. 

Our principles

Flexibility is at the core of our academic experiences, all of our programs are designed to adapt to your schedule and needs. Since our current society is fast-paced, high quality education must evolve and match this new lifestyle.

We value practical knowledge on par with academic research and insist on a synthesis of both through our academic partnerships, keynote addresses by industry leaders, and faculty with professional experience.