Expert Certificates

Obtain an Expert ELLE Education Certificate, and become a well-rounded professional in your preferred knowledge area.

All of our courses award students a certificate issued by ELLE, Mindway Liberal Studies, and in the case of Diploma Courses by Complutense University of Madrid upon completion. An Expert ELLE Education Certificate only shows that you went the extra mile to become an expert in your desired field of work.

Learn at your own pace, at an adaptable schedule, and gain the knowledge and skills needed to be a top professional with managerial competences.  Expert ELLE Education Certificates focus on three areas that adapt to your interests, and career goals.

To acquire an Expert certificate, you must complete three courses under the same area of focus within a period of 2 years. Create the certificate that adapts to your professional needs:

Choose 3 courses to obtain your Certificate

Expert Certificate in
Event Direction

Become an expert event organizer. Learn the skills to lead successful events. Become a reference in this exciting sector.

Expert Certificate in
Product Launching

The perfect launching for a product is within your reach, learn all the steps to achieve a successful launch.

Expert Certificate in
Editorial Processes

If you dream of working in the editorial side of a magazine, you must learn how to successfully coordinate all the aesthetic aspects involved.

Interested? You should know…

You can communicate your decision to follow a certificate path to the Admissions Team at any time.

Registering for three courses of the same certificate at once with the same registration form will give you a 15% discount on the third course.

In this case, even though you register for the three courses at once, you do not need to study the three courses at the same time; you would reserve your spot for a future edition of a course.