Basic Program Information

ELLE Education Seminar Series is a non-profit initiative by ELLE Education x mindway in partnership with UN Women, made to contribute to individuals’ personal development and the larger purpose of providing them with the possibility to achieve their professional goals through our academic excellence and expertise in Fashion, Lifestyle, Interior Design, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The Seminar Series was created as a step, through its academic approach, to contribute towards reaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) specifically targeting where knowledge of lifestyle, and entrepreneurship can have a key impact. 

During this edition, the Seminar Series will focus on Women Entrepreneurship, reinforcing ELLE Education x mindway’ssocial commitment towards creating a more equitable future that is more inclusive and equal for all through education. This seminar will explore the different phases of a business from the conception of an idea to how to make it tangible. 

Previous editions focused on sustainability and empowered individuals to change their consumption habits, embark on projects in the lifestyle industry that took into account sustainable practices, and allowed individuals to learn from professionals and academics. 

Overall the Seminar Series is an academic opportunity open to all individuals worldwide who wish to gain education and advance in their professional dreams. At ELLE Education x mindway we truly believe that education is one of the best ways to contribute to global development and we are committed to fulfill our duty in making it happen.



Module I- Idea
Module II- Market Context
Module III- Business Model
Module IV- Execution
Module V- Team
Module VI- Funding

Training, as mentioned by UN Women is a tool, and a means to affect individual and collective transformation towards gender equality professionally and personally. Currently only 1 in 3 small, medium and large businesses are owned by women, varying across regions from 18% in South Asia to 50% in Latin America & Caribbean. 

Our intent is to boost entrepreneurship and contribute to worldwide development through education, allowing participants to understand and recognize opportunities, and become leaders who understand how to attract the right talent to make their businesses grow and nurture the ecosystem in which they operate.

For 2 months, October 3rd to November 30th, the seminar will provide participants with academic materials such as research papers, case studies, as well as pre-recorded lectures by professionals in each of the six modules; to examine the different phases of a business from the conception of an idea to how to make it tangible. Throughout the program participants will attend 2 live sessions with experts, academics, and industry leaders in the lifestyle industry.
Materials will remain available for participants until December 12th.

The seminar will also have three separate chapters with some content in Spanish directed at the LATAM and Spain Chapters that focus on those specific business contexts.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a blueprint for all UN member states

to tackle poverty, reducing gender and wealth inequality, and expanding peace and prosperity in the world by 2030.  

In this Seminar we contribute to:

During this edition, ELLE Education x mindway will be holding an entrepreneurship contest open to anyone that wishes to join from anywhere in the world.

The contest consists of students presenting their entrepreneurial project before a jury where two winners will be chosen for first and second place, per chapter.

Winning Prizes:

What are the admission requirements?

This seminar is accessible by all individuals worldwide with access to the internet, they just have to provide their willingness to learn!

To sign up you must click on “register now” on the right hand side of this page.


What certification will I receive after completion?

All participants receive a completion certificate issued by ELLE Education x mindway, ELLE Education, UN Women and The Real Colegio Complutense at Harvard University.


Who are the guest speakers?

  • Academics and researchers experts in their domains 
  • Business leaders who want to share their vision  
  • Public bodies explaining their work in sustainability, entrepreneurship and innovation 
  • Entrepreneurs of the lifestyle industries who have set up new and innovative business models Pioneering educational institutions


Who is this seminar for?

  • Professionals of all the lifestyle industries interested in understanding the current business context. 
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs who want to learn how to lead their businesses. 
  • Students with an interest in learning
  • Any individual with an interest in entrepreneurship

ELLE Education Seminar Series is a non-profit initiative by ELLE Education x mindway in partnership with UN Women.

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Start date: October 3rd

Price: FREE   

End date: November 30th

English and Spanish

Certification issued upon completion for all participants.