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This short course will provide you with the tools to work in the fascinating world of Influencer Marketing. You will learn what makes Influencer Marketing different from other types of marketing, how to make a strategy and a campaign, and how to lead a negotiation process.

Influencer Marketing has disrupted the way the industry communicates with the consumer. Nowadays, the most successful marketing campaigns include actions with influencers. This type of marketing has its own way of working however.

This short course will also delve into the details of making client proposals, setting up metrics, the legal aspects of influencer marketing, as well as what the current market looks like, where it will go next and the relationship between influencer and social media. This course is perfect if you want to get a well-rounded look at the industry and practical knowledge to become  influencer marketing go-to person for your favourite brands.

Our programs are designed to adapt to your schedule and your pace. You can work at the same time you complete one of the programs or more. Short courses have a duration of 2 months, in which you will see: a total of 13 hours of lectures, and a total of 3 hours in Guest Speaker Addresses.

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