Pop-up Shop Design

Attract the right customers with the right pop-up!

By Debbie Flowerday

Pop-up shops are in! Particularly popular for digital brands with no physical stores and exhibitions, the goal is to create unique and engaging shopping experiences.

Professional Visual Merchandiser, Debbie Flowerday, will take you through the process of designing the right pop-up for any brand!

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This course is ideal for anyone who is thinking of opening a pop-up shop, or visual merchandisers who want to continue growing in their career.

Students will design the pop-up shop of their choice, it can be a 3D model or created digitally, and an on-brand event to go along with the opening of the shop.

After each lecture they will be given a task, such as creating mood boards, researching, etc. They can unify all their work in a final project to be graded with comments at the completion of the open program.

You will exercise these 5 essential skills:

1​-Branding: You will learn to create windows which best compliment the brand.
2-Creativity: Create something from nothing, and see the potential in any given merchandise.
3-Imagination: Push boundaries with creative window schemes.
4-Styling: Create colour cohesion, mix textures and patterns, and style more than two mannequins.
5-​Prop Design: Sketch or create 3D or CAD window schemes to present to clients


Module 1: Advantages of a Pop-up Shop

  • What Is a Pop-up Shop? Its Advantages and Disadvantages
  • The Brand: From the Virtual Space to the Physical
  • How to Create the Right Pop-up for a Brand

Module 2: Window Dressing

  • The Art of Attraction; Visual Merchandising Techniques
  • Prop Design Made Simple: Complimenting the Brand
  • Styling and Layout Demonstrations

Module 3: Pop-up Store Interiors

  • Pop-up Interiors: How to Create Interest Through Floor Plans and Layout
  • Fixtures, Wall Textures and Use of Colour in a Pop-up Shop

Module 4: Final Project- Designing Your Own Pop-up Store

  • 3D or Digital Pop-up Shop
  • Opening Event

Debbie Flowerday

Visual Merchandiser

My name is Debbie Flowerday I was born in London, England.

I have worked in the visual merchandising industry for many years; my knowledge and experience of the Visual Merchandising industry is extensive, what I enjoy most is sharing my knowledge with creative students.