Pop Culture: Redefining Brand Strategies

Understand the future to change your present strategies

By Sue Seel

We know the world is changing, and we know brands need to change with it. Forming communities now is a need in order for brands to grow and survive. Brand Architect, Sue Seel, will give you all of the tools you need to create a culture around your brand.

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Delve into the latest research and case studies to help you understand the current state of the fashion industry, and provide you with the frameworks to understand the direction in which it is moving.

This program is ideal for marketing and branding professionals that want to stay up-to-date with what the industry needs and maintain their knowledge fresh. It is also for entrepreneurs who want to know how to create a community around their brand, and anyone who is passionate about branding.

Learning outcomes:

-Developing new skills in branding with a key focus on “culture”.
-Understanding the new consumers of 2023.
-Developing new skills in building “intentional communities”.
-Discovering new ways of creating collaborations and immersive brand experiences.
-Understanding the future of Internet 3.0 and how to tap into it.


Module 1: Brand Universes

  • Brand audit: Business, Brand, Category , Consumer and Culture
  • Push for Progress
  • Made-to-order Manufacturing
  • Closing the Loop on Manufacturing
  • Embracing Frugality

Module 2: Creating Cultural Moods

  • The Consumer Profiles of 2023
  • The importance of Intentional Communities

Module 3: Experiential Partnerships

  • Multilayered Phygital Experiences
  • Connecting the Consumer to the Source of Fashion Products

Module 4: Preparing for the Metaverse

  • What is the “Metaverse”?
  • Allowing Digital Assets to be Carried Across Platforms
  • Conclusion and Takeaways

Sue Seel

Brands Architect

Sue is an industry disruptor; having launched or worked alongside celebrities such as Eva Longoria, Quentin Tarantino, Lily Allen, Danny Cipriani and Ne Yo, her experience spans over 12 years and her creative style has evolved with the changes in consumer lifestyle and trends in technology.
Sue is driven by future thinking and trend analysis. Her teaching in both education and business management courses are based on what lies ahead.
Sue now focuses on both ‘renovation’ and ‘innovation’ strategies for brands of all sizes. Her talent is in luxury, but with a growing number of non-luxury brands presenting luxury service offering, she can ensure brand loyalty and equity are achievable, and sales into key retailers or direct to consumers realised.