Fashion Sustainability: How to Master a Growing Business

Sustainability is no longer an option!

By Silvia Dell'Acqua

Sustainability is the present and the future of fashion and luxury. It is more than just a label, or a “cherry on the cake”…IT IS THE CAKE. Sustainability is simultaneously about caring for our planet and caring for our business. It is more than just a responsibility, it is far more than that.

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Through this course participants will master the specific knowledge and expertise to understand and practice sustainability as a power engine which ignites sound opportunities into fashion and luxury industries. Sustainability today  is steering business in a unique direction.

This course aims at giving concrete answers to the following questions: what are the new business perspectives that sustainability is opening up? How can sustainability be embedded into a sound business management? What is the circular economy and how it is reasoning with sustainability? Why is recycling a new trend? Can be combined with creativity and innovation? How are sustainability and technology a powerful combination now and how can it continue to strengthen in the future? Through a unique mix of knowledge and case studies participants will gain insights that will answer all of these questions.

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  • It is a 10 hours program
  • 100% online. You could access the content wherever and whenever you want.
  • Set your own pace! No deadlines.
  • Discover the daily life of the most relevant professionals.
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  • Mindway Liberal Studies and ELLE Education Certificate after the successful completion of the program.


  • Sustainable (R-) Evolution: Roots and Way Forward
  • Sustainability and the Circular Economy: Mind, Body, Soul and Business
  • Fashion and Luxury Sustainability Business: a Unique Soft Power
  • Sustainable Recycled and Ethical Business Model: Shaping the Future 
  • Sustainability and Fashion Industry: Case Studies of Key Players

Silvia Dell’Acqua

Lifelong learner

She is extremely curious about the world around us and she considers fashion and luxury,  fantastic evidence of human creativity.

She is a professional in the world of Executive Education at an international level. Recently, she has developed innovative learning methodologies linked to Design Thinking and Sustainability, as strategic paradigms to explain and understand the complexity of our fascinating society.

Silvia is always in a start-up mood and she loves pioneering in the realm of education, always building bridges to ‘dots that are not connected yet’. She has always worked at an international level.