Disruption in Fashion – 3D Collection: Design, Develop and Present

Understand the role of the digital fashion designer

By Mourad Bahrouch

The fashion industry took a shot from COVID-19. The workflow has been refreshed from the value chain, beginning from product development to retail, leading to apparel businesses’ reaction to the pandemic.

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If you’re an upcoming fashion designer, there are challenges ahead of you.

What are the digital tools and strategies you need to include in your plan to avoid pitfalls?

Bring out the designer in you by understanding the changes that the sector has gone through these last years and you will be prepared to face the industry through technology and innovation in order to create value for today’s brands.

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  • Entering the Metaverse and Understanding NFT Utility
  • Design
    •  Fabrication of Reality in Media
    • From Concept To Consumer Design Workflow
  • Develop
    • The 5 Types of 3D Avatars
    • First steps to 3D – Simple Fundamentals:
      • How to virtually model a garment
      • How to texture virtual garments
      • How to make models walk and dance
      • How to create studio lighting
      • How to produce the final photos
  • Present
    • Virtual Bespoke Rooms
      • Physical Meet Virtual Showrooms
      • Retail Space and Presentation
    • Tapping Into The Future of Reality
      • Value in Virtual Reality
      • Value in Augmented Reality
  • Shift Towards Circular Fashion

Mourad Bahrouch

Creative Director in 3D

Born in Amsterdam, Netherlands, inspired by nature and driven by new technology.

In 2014 Mourad Bahrouch started working as a 3D Artist in digital media grounding technology with real-world spaces.He worked with brands like: NIKE, THE NEXT WEB, TOMMY HILFIGER, ACCENTURE, VOLVO OCEAN RACE. Presented works at many events such as BRUSSELS FASHION WEEK.

Following forward with questioning how we can live sustainably in harmony with nature.