The Psychology of Consumer Behaviour

Master the keys to make your brand last over time

By Kate Nightingale

Consumer behaviour is changing fast and becoming more mysterious yet even more crucial to every business success. This is where consumer psychology has the perfect answer.

This course will help you decipher why consumers behave the way they do and how to create brands winning hearts, minds and wallets.

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You will learn how to create in-depth customer profiles and use this knowledge to create communication that feels personal and is effective. You will understand how to create a robust, behaviourally based brand strategy. We will explore how to use emotions and senses to create incredible, engaging, inspiring, innovative and effective customer experience in physical and online channels.

This program was designed as a step-by-step process which you can take your brand through. All that you will learn is all that Kate is using with her clients to make them truly successful.

This course is perfect for anyone that is intrigued, inspired or just slightly curious about consumer psychology, consumer behaviour or customer experience. It’s designed for brand executives, retail directors, brand founders, investors, marketers, designers, strategists, architects and insight teams. It’s also the perfect course to give your whole brand, marketing and customer experience teams.


Are you an innovator, challenger brand or an executive looking to move your brand way into the future? This will be a perfect course to start you off.


  1. Customer segmentation, basic needs & personality
  2. Locus of control, self & self-esteem
  3. Motivation
  4. How do we relate to brands?
  5. Brand personality & consumer-brand relationships
  6. Brand authenticity, brand loyalty & brand community
  7. Customer experience
  8. How to strategically create experience in-store?
  9. Online customer experience
  10. Heuristics, memory & gestalt psychology

Kate Nightingale

Consumer Psychologist

Kate Nightingale is a consumer psychologist and founder of Style Psychology Ltd, a human experience consultancy working across strategy, customer experience and innovation. Her clients range from start-ups to global brands and include Snug, Dowsing & Reynolds and Swarovski.

Kate also teaches at Regent’s University and London College of Fashion, is often approached by press for comments appearing in Forbes, Vogue Business and Stylist. She is a frequent flyer on industry conferences like Future Stores, eTail Europe and Global Female Leaders.