Isabel Yuste, a professional Image Consultant and Personal Shopper who has taught in several editions of the Image Consultant and Personal Shopper short course in our Spain based courses, recently offered a practical class where participants were able to make an assessment to their peers.

One of the first steps in image consulting is performing a color analysis for the client, the most commonly known is the season analysis, in it there are four different color palettes, belonging to the four seasons, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. The season color palette that best matches you is selected based on your eye and hair colors and your skin tone.

The Summer palette is light and is composed of cool and muted colors; the Autumn palette is deep, this one is composed of warm and muted colors; the Winter palette  is also deep like Autumn but its colors are cool and bright; finally, the Spring palette is light, and is made up of warm and bright colors. All palettes have the same colors, but it is the shades that change according to your tones.

Since there is a large range of hair and eye colors, and skin tones there is a possibility that you do not perfectly match any of these palettes, in those cases it is said you are not a “True Season”, and you could be labeled as a “Light Summer” or a “Bright Winter”.

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